HK Gospel Festival 2017 – Traffic & Transport Information


  1. The Hong Kong Gospel Festival 2017 (HKGF) will be held at the Hong Kong Stadium from 30 November (Thursday) to 3 December (Sunday). Due to limited roads approaching the Stadium and being close to the busy Causeway Bay people attending the HKGF are urged to use public transport, notably MTR, as far as practicable.
  2. It is appreciated that elderlies and people with special needs may require chartered coaches to the venue. Please be aware that Police will implement special traffic measures in all approach roads to the Stadium for public safety reasons.


Public Transport

  1. Walking Route [A]: Come out from Exit F1 Jardine Bazaar of Causeway Bay MTR Station, turn right up slope into Yun Ping Road, go straight to Leighton Road junction, cross the traffic lights and into Caroline Hill Road. Follow the road and arrive at the Stadium.  This is the shortest route from MTR station and takes about 15 minutes.
  2. Walking Route [B]: Come out from Exit E of Causeway Bay MTR Station, turn left and walk along Great George Street towards Victoria Park signified by the Fountain Plaza and the South Pavilion Plaza which can serve as a gathering place to meet with friends and relatives. Come out from the South Pavilion Plaza exit, turn left and cross the Causeway Road footbridge.  From Causeway Road westbound turn left into Tung Lo Wan Road, passing Saint Paul’s Hospital into Eastern Hospital Road.  Follow the road and arrive at the Stadium.  This route is slightly longer but has a large gathering place and takes about 20 minutes.
  3. Walking Route [C]: Come out from Exit A1 of Tin Hau MTR Station, cross the traffic lights on King’s Road and turn right. Follow King’s Road westbound into Causeway Road, passing King’s College and Central Library.  Turn left into Tung Lo Wan Road, passing Saint Paul’s Hospital into the East Hospital Road.  Follow the road and arrive at the Stadium.  This route is the longest among the three and takes about 25 minutes.

    At Causeway Bay Station or Tin Hau Station, head to the Stadium along with uniformed Christian Juveniles armed with direction signs so that participants unfamiliar with Causeway Bay / Tin Hau area can easily find their way.


Special Departure Bus Service

  1. To facilitate the departure of the public, bus companies have arranged the following

special routes upon finish of the four Public Sessions:

117R – Two (2) double decker buses located at Cotton Path will convey passengers to Tsimshatsui, Kowloon via Cross Harbour Tunnel terminating in Mongkok.

2R / 8R – Two (2) double decker buses, one 2R and the other 8R will be located at Tung Lo Wan Road near St. Paul’s Convent School (opposite to the lighting shops) conveying passengers to Shau Kei Wan and Siu Sai Wan respectively.

  1. Special bus service for the remaining three Special Sessions is currently not scheduled.


Bus Diversion

  1. Please note bus routes running past the Stadium, such as Citybus 5B and 8H, will be

re-routed due to the special traffic measures implemented by Police.  Please check with the bus companies beforehand as necessary.


Arriving Coaches

  1. If it becomes necessary to send participants to the Stadium by coaches it is important that HKGF Office to be notified as soon as possible of such information as the number of arriving coaches, details of the church / organization concerned including the contact person and other information requiring special attention.
  2. It is recommended to arrive 1 to 1.5 hours before the start of the event to cater for any traffic situation.
  3. Coach drivers are requested to follow the directions of the Police officers in the vicinity of the Stadium. They should not arbitrarily stop for alighting to avoid undue blocking of the traffic behind.
  4. If it becomes apparent that churches have arranged large number of coaches HKGF will have to manage the situation, co-ordinate with the Police and even to “cap” the number of coaches entering the Stadium area.
  5. To avoid traffic congestion coaches may consider to stop for alighting at Moreton Terrace or Tung Lo Wan Road.


Departing Coaches

  1. Please note that, 30-45 minutes before the end of the event, Police will close ALL roads in the vicinity of the Hong Kong Stadium for up to two hours for crowd dispersal purposes.
  2. Participants departing may wish to make prior arrangements with the coach drivers for bus boarding at Moreton Terrace or Tung Lo Wan Road. If not, participants will have to wait until the reopening of the roads concerned.