We are holding a large-scale evangelistic event in Hong Kong towards the end of 2017. The aim is to share the gospel with those who are yet to believe in God and accept God as their saviour.


Our Mission

The Hong Kong Gospel Festival 2017 depends on a substantial number of Christians in sharing the gospel that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. It is an opportunity for Christians to guide others to accept Jesus Christ, join the church and be nurtured to maturity.


Event Schedule

The organization is holding 7 evangelistic sessions at the Hong Kong Stadium over 4 days.


Speaker of the International Session

Rev John_1

Rev. John Snelgrove of Kong Fok Church English Ministry, and Founding Pastor of Vine Church came to Hong Kong with his wife Sandra in 1987. He was born and grew up in London, entering the insurance industry as a teenager. Since entering the full-time pastoral ministry, he has become a champion of church unity.

Rev. John and Sandra have two sons and five grandchildren, all living in Hong Kong and have made Hong Kong as their family home. They demonstrate pastor’s hearts for the city and are respected in many of the Chinese and international Churches throughout Hong Kong. They have been widely used in the areas of evangelism and personal prayer ministry, and share a heart for raising up a future generation who know they are children of God.



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